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January 20, 2022

8 Posing Tips for Boudoir Photographers | Chicago Boudoir Studio

8 Posing Tips for Boudoir Photographers

Posing your clients to both improve your boudoir photography portfolio AND satisfy your clients, can be one of the most challenging parts of a session.  In fact, I’d argue that it is one of the most difficult things to master when it comes to portrait sessions.  BUT if it is done well, learning how to pose women of all shapes and sizes will elevate your portfolio and simultaneously help your client love every image they see.

Posing Tips and Tricks

Below you will find a list of 8 posing tips for boudoir photographers that I use at every single session!

  1. Don’t overthink posing, especially in the beginning of the session.  Start with simple movements that are not stiff and suffocating.  Some examples are having them tuck their hair behind their ear, playing with their shoulder strap, or reaching down their leg.  These simple movements end up being absolutely beautiful.  A lot of times, clients say ‘what should I do with my hands‘ and these subtle movements help ease that nervousness and make them feel a little more comfortable.


A posing guide for boudoir portrait photographers 8 posing tips for boudoir photographers


2. Don’t be afraid to show movement.  This one is so overlooked and its unfortunate because it allows for such a beautiful variety in your gallery.  Pretend to be a fly on the wall or fiddle with your camera and wait for them to do something so subtle and beautiful.


woman walking in boudoir studio


3.  Capture the in between moments.  Being a lifestyle photographer at Elle Baker Photography – I have learned over the years that it’s the in between moments that tell a story.  While I am shooting, I always have the client’s album design in mind.  I am looking for a variety of posed images, details, and candid movements in their gallery to tell her complete story.


boudoir photography posing ideas


4. Photograph the details.  From the baby bump, to scars, to rings – there is always a special detail that you don’t want to forget.  Detail images also include a curl on the woman’s shoulder or a finger moving her strap down.  All of these details are equally important and add to your final gallery.


tips and posing ideas for boudoir photographersposing guide boudoir photography


5.  Not every image needs to be ‘in focus’.  Play around with blurred images and see if it adds to your gallery.   Movement is beautiful. Fine art boudoir photography is my absolute favorite.  These images are always artful and are oftentimes hung in their home as a piece of fine art.


8 posing tips for boudoir photographers


6.  Read your client – if they are feeling uncomfortable, change the pose or adjust slightly.  Also note that some clients may need a little more guidance than other clients.  Make sure you are paying attention to their needs the entire time.  Offer them a glass of water or a break if you think they are feeling uneasy.


8 posing tips for boudoir portrait photographers


7. If you have fellow employees, make sure they are reading your client as well to make them feel as comfortable as possible.  Oftentimes, when clients walk in and are introduced to the team, it adds to their nerves.  But after a light hearted conversation and showing the client we are just as excited as they are always helps lighten the mood.


tips and tricks for boudoir photographers


8.  Make sure they take a deep breath and relax.  You can sense tension in images if they are not breathing and feeling comfortable. I start every pose with them blowing raspberries to relax their lips and taking a deep breath.  By the end of the session, I typically do not need to prompt these cues, as they are comfortable and feeling great.


8 posing tips for boudoir photographers

Core Mission : The Boudoir Experience

Laurie’s core mission is to offer an empowering experience that recognizes a woman’s beauty, appreciates this season of her life, and celebrates who she is.  She creates the kind of images she want for herself;  something from a woman’s perspective and with an artful eye. If you are interested in scheduling a boudoir session with Laurie, simply reach out through her CONTACT page and she will be in touch soon!

Laurie Baker with Boudoir By Elle Photography is located in Homer Glen which is a southwest suburb of Chicago.  She is now booking 2022 sessions and beyond.


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  1. Mike Cassidy says:

    This article is a valuable resource for boudoir photographers seeking posing tips. Your practical tips and emphasis on communication and comfort are essential for creating a positive environment. Not overthinking things is the key!

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