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April 16, 2020

Own What You Have To Offer | Bridal Boudoir Photography Chicago

Bridal Boudoir Photography Chicago

Offering bridal boudoir photography Chicago has brought me so much joy, so many laughs, a sprinkling of tears, and a list of life-long friends. I really do cherish every moment I share with these women.  I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count how many times I walk away from these sessions absolutely inspired. This particular session was definitely one of them.

Meet L.  She is amazing and her reasons behind wanting a boudoir session are beyond amazing.  I asked her if I could share her story with you all because of how relatable this struggle is.

In her own words, L shares with us :

Own What You Have To Offer

‘I’ve struggled with my self-confidence for as long as I can remember. I was a gymnast for about 13 years, and I was chasing perfection in every aspect of my life. This need created an immense amount of anxiety. I was always thinking about not being good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, etc. My anxiety became so bad, that after I graduated college it was starting to affect every aspect of my life. I was a total mess, and my lack of self-awareness was embarrassing. I knew that if I didn’t get my anxiety in check, that it was going to slowly ruin every good relationship I had.

After awhile, I finally decided to start going to therapy. It was a gradual process, but I eventually saw that it improved my life in every way. My relationships were healthier, I was starting to take better care of my body, and I started just doing what felt good.

Before this change, one of my best friends decided to do a boudoir shoot. I tagged along for fun and to offer moral support. Throughout the shoot, I was floored by her bravery and vulnerability. I was so jealous of this self-confidence that she was exuding throughout. She clearly felt so much freedom with her body, and was so proud of what she had. I had never once in my life felt like that, and never thought I would be able to muster the courage to try something similar.

‘ I realized I was ready to own what I had to offer. I was so excited to capture that.’

Fast forward to about 6 months ago, I really started feeling all of that work in therapy paying off. I got to a point with my body where I was proud of it. I wasn’t thinking about all of my problem areas when I put on a bathing suit. I finally accepted my body for what it was, and finally started realizing that maybe the life I believed I was living was completely in my head. The timing was impeccable, and as I was starting to plan my wedding I realized I needed to celebrate how far I’ve come. I realized I was ready to own what I had to offer. I was so excited to capture that.’

Thank you ‘L’

Every single word of her explanation hit my heart. Because I, like every other woman I know, knows this anxiety. But as L said, “I realized I was ready to own what I had to offer. I was so excited to capture that”and THAT we did. Thank you for your bravery, L. Women like you pave the way for our daughters, so they do a little more owning, and a lot less worrying.

P.S.- you are absolutely stunning.



These images do contain partial nudity, viewer discretion advised.

black and white image of woman during boudoir sessionboudoir photography in Chicago located in southwest suburbsbridal boudoir session with Boudoir By Elle Photography portrait of brunette woman during boudoir sessionsimple and classic boudoir portrait beautiful woman during boudoir session white lace robe option during bridal boudoir session Chicago boudoir photographer captures beautiful simple imagenatural light photography studio in Chicago bridal boudoir photographer captures pretty portraits boudoir photography Chicago woman sitting on a bed during boudoir photo session portrait of woman during bridal boudoir session she said yes! Bridal boudoir session gorgeous portrait of woman during boudoir session simple portrait during bridal boudoir session boudoir photography Chicago woman laughing during bridal portrait session groomsman gift idea woman in red lingerie laying on floor of white studio overhead photo of woman laying on floor portrait black and white image of woman in white studio woman with sleek hair and black lingerie classic boudoir photo of woman

Clothing Suggestions

One of my favorite stores I recommend for robes, one pieces, and lingerie is Victoria’s Secret.  They have really changed their look and offer the most beautiful, modern, and understated pieces in their new bridal boutique!  Between my hair and makeup stylists and myself we will collaborate and pick out a color palette for you to choose the best colors and tones for your session.

Pros of hiring professional hair and makeup

Boudoir By Elle Photography offers professional hair and makeup artists.  This amazing ‘add on’ option is the perfect way to customize your boutique boudoir experience.  The stylists stay the entire length of the session changing looks throughout the session which adds variety to your gallery.  The team has a way of making you feel incredibly special and beautiful during your session.  I chose to hire and work with some of the best stylists in the Chicagoland area.  They have over two decades of experience and have a passion for creating beautiful artwork.  Take a peek below at some samples of how we were able to collaborate and change looks in just a matter of minutes.  Click here if you’d like to read more about my stylists!

Take a peek at some behind the scenes!

L went from a loose beachy wave curl to a side swept look during the first part of her session and ended with a sleek romantic look towards the end!  The makeup artist started with a dewy understated look and added a deeper shadow and gloss to change looks.

hair and makeup artists primp client during boudoir session Chicago boudoir photography hair stylist fixes boudoir client's hairblack and white image of woman during her boudoir sessionboudoir photography Chicago

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  2. […] work with women in ALL seasons of their lives. The ‘reasons why’ are countless. From a life celebrationto engagement, birthday milestones, pregnancies and even losses. I have heard so many beautiful […]

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