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September 28, 2018

Boudoir Photography in Chicago | A Bride’s Love Letter

A boudoir photo shoot is the experience you didn’t know you needed.

Here’s why.


1.  Yours, truly.

Boudoir sessions can seem intimidating, out-of-character, or even a little risqué- these are all misconceptions of the practice of this type of photo shoot. It’s 2018, we take pictures of EVERYTHING, and with the ease and convenience of social media, our lives are shared with dozens (sometimes HUNDREDS) of other people as well! And while it is AMAZING what that has done for long distance connections it has left little to be wondered about.

So, in a world of constant and consistent sharing, is there anything more romantic than a gallery of pictures detailing YOU for the only person who will ever see you in this light, ever again?

Imagine a picture that only your partner can look at, of a birthmark you have on the thickest part of your thigh, or a freckle in the small of your back. It is a physical representation of secrets you may have never told one another. And you are the only two who will ever get to explore them.  


Boudoir Photography in Chicago, photographer Laurie Baker captures woman with red hair

2.You deserve this.

Is there ever a time when we feel more beautiful when we are weeks away from marrying someone that already thinks we are incredible? After standing in front of friends of family or friends scrutinizing how a dress fits each and every curve, how empowering is it to take that out of the equation and celebrate and highlight the most important parts of the all the chaos. YOU and him.

Take a deep breath, and grab a moment to love yourself as much as he loves you, you won’t regret it, and he will never forget it.

Detail photo of a woman during boudoir photo shoot in Chicago, photos by Boudoir By Elle Photography

3.  F O R E V E R.

Unlike your body or your hair color or the honeymoon phase of marriage, these photographs are eternal. Even in the happiest of marriages there will be trying times, even if you age as gracefully as possible, there is going to be a time when you look back and want to taste the bliss that was this time in your life. The hue of red in your hair, or the uncontrollable smile you involuntarily sported when you told the story of how you and him met, too many details, and all.

Don’t deny yourself this physical reminder of the best of times. You’ll love yourself for having the hindsight to know you might need the reminder one day.

simple boudoir photography by Boudoir by Elle in Chicago

4.  Why not?

Most of us are the photographers in our lives. Documenting all the big events, and small details that make a life so wonderful. However, we sometimes get so caught up in detailing the “good stuff” we forget that we deserve to be more than just the narrator. You are the leading lady, act accordingly.

Boudoir by Elle captures modern bridal boudoir photography in Chicago

5.  Sincerely.

Let this photo shoot be a love letter to yourself. Not only the end result, but the preparation for it:

Get your hair done.

Splurge on the extra few minutes of massage during your manicure.

Buy the lingerie.

Get the wax.

Get your makeup done by a professional.

Do. It. All.

Do whatever it is that makes you feel as amazing as you are. Putting yourself first is likely not something you are used to doing, start acquainting yourself with it.



Boudoir photography in Chicago by Laurie Baker

Bridal boudoir by Boudoir by Elle Photography in Chicago

Interested in seeing the full gallery from this session?  Stay in touch with my blog to see the full session and some behind the scenes!  

Meet the stylists!

The women that I work with on a weekly basis are absolutely incredible.  My hair and makeup stylists work alongside me and we collaborate throughout the entire session.  Their ideas are unending and I really couldn’t do what I do without them.  They are constantly running with my crazy ideas and allow me to be a creative and understand my vision better than I do sometimes.  Both of these ladies take a hands on approach and are only a foot or two away from you the entire session.  Using their talents, they bring out your natural beauty in a timeless way.  They really are amazing at what they do.  If you haven’t had a chance to read about Renay and Katie, I encourage you to check out my ‘about‘ page to get to know them.

Behind the scenes during boudoir photo shoot with Boudoir by Elle

Boudoir Photography in Chicago 

I offer boudoir photography in Chicago land area and I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you.  If you are interested in a beauty, bridal, or boudoir session, simply fill out my contact form or visit my Boudoir by Elle photography site for details.  I am currently booking Dec 2018 through May 2019 sessions.  Please expect a 3-6 week turnaround from the date of our session for tangible products, prints, and digital files.  

Bachelorette Party Idea!

I have been working with so many brides on their bridal boudoir session and many bridal parties!  Are you a maid of honor looking for a bachelorette party idea?  If so, consider a boudoir experience for the entire bridal party!  Get your hair and makeup professionally done, enjoy the photo shoot with a group of your closest friends, and then head out on the town for a fun night, looking and feeling amazing!  If you are interested in planning a boudoir experience, simply fill out the CONTACT form and I will be in touch!  Check out this recent bridal boudoir session!

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