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November 8, 2018

Boudoir Photography for the Modest Bride | Chicago Photographer


She walks into the gallery as gently as her feet allow. She is nervous but fueled by an electricity
that seems to take the weight off the palms of her feet. She glides into the studio more confident
than she ever thought she could be in this setting. There is a gentle drizzle coating the windows
cheering her on; reminding her to breath and entrancing her into a memory of the first time he
grazed the back of her neck or the first time he mentioned her faded birthmark at the top of her thigh.
She uses these small and intimate memories as her muse. Her hair once down, is now swooped
up, and her eyes are glaring back at the camera like the sun has just hit them in the most piercing
light. The confidence in her simplicity and her certainty of her love for him radiates through the
lens onto a small glass screen that can barely contain all of her effortless elegance.
As she walks from the firm white couch to the sun streak streaming from one of the windows,
the room is silent. She is so comfortable in her own skin at this point, that fillers and small talk,
aren’t at all necessary. My team and I keep working but are in a trance by how easily she has
taken control of this at times complicated shoot. By the end of the shoot I hug my new dear
friend and I wonder if she can hear me silently asking her if she knows how exquisite she is?


boudoir photography for the modest bride by Elle Baker Photography

Boudoir has a reputation of being bold, and a bit red-cheeked.  Moments like this and women I have met over the years reaffirm my favorite boudoir mantra:

The beauty of boudoir is rooted in its modesty.

It’s the modesty paired with the feminine and simple details that make this kind of collection so enchanting.  Magical as a whole, but so minimal when broken into tiny pieces.  One of my favorite parts of being a bridal boudoir photographer in Chicago is watching women grow into themselves in this type of atmosphere right through my lens, within a few short hours. There is nothing more empowering or beautiful than helping another woman remember how awe- inspiring she is, all on her own- all as she is.  I’d love to help you preserve this time in your life, if you have ever been even remotely interested, please reach out- I’d love to hear from you!

Meet the Stylists!

The women that I work with on a weekly basis are absolutely incredible. My hair and makeup stylists work alongside me and we collaborate throughout the entire session. Their ideas are unending and I really couldn’t do what I do without them. They are constantly running with my crazy ideas and allow me to be a creative and understand my vision better than Ido sometimes.  Both of these ladies take a hands on approach and are styling throughout the entire session. Using their talents, they bring out your natural beauty in a timeless way. They really are amazing at what they do. If you haven’t had a chance to read about Renay and Katie, I encourage you to check out my about‘ page to get to know them.

Boudoir Photography in Chicago

I offer boudoir photography in Chicago land area and I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you. If you are interested in a beauty, bridal, or boudoir session, simply fill out my contacform or visit my Boudoir by Elle photography site for details. I am currently booking Dec 2018 through May 2019 sessions. Session prices are affordable and I offer a few packages that works with everyone’s budget.  Please expect a 3-6 week turnaround from the date of our session for tangible products, prints, and digital files.

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