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October 24, 2018

Fine Art Boudoir Photography | Chicago Boudoir Photographer

Fine Art Boudoir Photography

As a Chicago photographer specializing in fine art boudoir photography, I can’t tell you how many times I hear women talk themselves out of this kind of photoshoot. The reasons are almost always centered around these 5 excuses.   Here is why they don’t matter.

1. “It’s so NOT me, I’m just not sexy.”- This one might be the most puzzling one to me. I have never had a professional boudoir model in my studio. Every beautiful woman I work with is someone’s wife, someone’s mother, someone’s daughter and someone’s friend. They have never had any training on this. They walk in reserved, and leave grounded, confident and glowing. This will be one of the most guided experiences you’ll ever experience with photography. It is MY job to make you feel incredible. Lighting, lenses, angels, and authentic laughter is just a few things that help with this fear. Trust me when I say, I have your back and will make you look and feel absolutely amazing.

2.  “I have to lose some weight first.” – Listen, I am a woman. I know the inevitable nerves we have when we feel like we don’t look our best. Over the years, I have seen too many people pass up this empowering experience because they are chasing an unattainable perfection they’ve set up for themselves. Besides that, some of the most breathtaking photos I’ve taken are of my clients’ “imperfections”; they are what make these raw and natural shoots so inspiring. If you ever need a reminder on how absolutely stunning you are, exactly as you are, boudoir is the way to do that.

“THANK YOU!!!  You and your girls are amazing!  I was so nervous walking in the door and you all made me feel so comfortable!  Their comments really put me at ease!   Really you are a great group!  I really appreciate all of the warmth from all three of you!  I’m sitting here still can’t believe that just happened!  Thank you again!  Please share my comments with the other girls!  You three are just awesome!”  ~C


3.  “I’m too old for that, I wish I would’ve done that when I was younger.”- This one hurts my heart. When you read this next sentence, read it in the loudest decibel your imagination will allow you to: THERE IS NOTHING MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN LIVED IN FACES AND LIVED IN BODIES.  The wrinkles on your face only show the miles of laughter that have been conducted through it. Every mole, freckle, and scar are just the blueprints of how many sunny days you’ve seen. Celebrate them all, they are what fulfilling lives are made of.

4.  “I shouldn’t spend the money on that.”- Here’s a favorite one of mine. We get so used to putting ourselves last that we feel comfortable hiding behind this excuse. If there is one thing that a boudoir shoot will remind you of years from now is that you are more than a wife, more than a mother, more than a partner. You are spectacular and breathtaking all on your own- I promise you will love yourself for taking the time to preserve that.

5.  “I wouldn’t even know what to wear, or how to do my makeup & hair!”- This one is my favorite one, because I have a solution.  I work with the most INCREDIBLE women that will be in charge of your hair and makeup throughout the shoot. They are just as committed as I am to make this experience one of your favorite ones and they have the expertise to make it happen. You will leave the studio feeling amazing, and you’ll likely make a few new friends in the process.

If you were ever remotely interested in a shoot like this, please do NOT hesitate to reach out to me! I’d love to walk you through our process and give you some examples of how wonderful the experience is.  Check out a recent shoot HERE.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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