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July 30, 2019

Enough is Enough | Homer Glen Boudoir Photographer


Boudoir has become increasingly more popular within the last few years and I really COULD NOT be happier about it. Not because I am a Homer Glen boudoir photographer, but because I am a mother of daughters, dear friend to so many women, a sister, and a daughter. And whenever I see a swing to the side of women loving themselves as much as they can, and second guessing themselves less, my soul throws a victory parade.

EVERY SINGLE woman I’ve photographed in this light always says they’ve wanted to do something like this for a while, but it wasn’t the right time. And by “right time” she usually means one of these few categories:

I:  I’m not confident ENOUGH.

This one doesn’t even need my input, because it is SCIENTIFICALLY not true. Women are mystical, and luring. They are inviting and captivating even when they are trying their hardest not to be.  The sincerity in your eyes and the genuine joy in your smile is what elevates you in a room and its what your partner craves at the END of each day.

II:  Not in good ENOUGH shape.

As much as this one pains my heart, it is definitely one that I (and most women) can identify with. We’ve all had those moments when we look back on younger or more fit us and revel in the fact that we thought we weren’t in shape then. And although I get it, I am here to tell you, 85 year old you is writing you a letter to remind you that you are the most incredible you’ve ever been RIGHT NOW. The year that you loved yourself enough to even consider this photoshoot. That you’ve finally battled your own opinions of yourself, and looked in the mirror and was so proud of the life (and lives) you’ve created that celebrating it in such a solitary way was something you were considering.

LEAN IN ON THIS ONE, my friends. You were not just a tool in this amazing life you’ve constructed, you are the foundation. Every crack, wrinkle, scar, stretch mark and tan line is a road map to a life well lived. You are absolutely stunning, just as you are.

III: Wouldn’t use the images ENOUGH.

These images are yours. They are for YOU. They are for who ever you decide to share them with. And capturing this moment in your life, the moment that gets to be all about you. Celebrating all of the things you’ve accomplished and all of the tragedies you may have endured is not just a luxury. This is your Happy. It is just as vital to have a tactile reminder of this moment, as it was the day you said I do.

IV: My family isn’t open-minded ENOUGH, wouldn’t want these images online.

This one is simple. My ultimate(and only) goal is to make you feel completely confident, and gorgeous. In order to do that, your privacy and security are my absolute first priority. Before your shoot, we will discuss what you are comfortable with and what you are not. I will give you a run down of exactly how the day will go, and any and every question you have will be answered. And even though I will want to show your photos to the world, I would never do anything without your permission and lengthy detail on where I’d like to use them. One of the most magical parts about this kind of shoot is how personal and private it is. In the world of social media, there is something so romantic about a cluster of images only seen by the only person you want to share them with.

V: Not young ENOUGH.

HARD STOP. No. The most beautiful thing in the world is aging, and loving every moment of it. Celebrating your body and happiness in it only gets more breath taking over time. I hope I see every single woman I’ve photographed 5 years from now to bookmark how time not only made everything sweeter, but also how quickly it all goes by. You are here; and this is the youngest you will ever be. Don’t waste another minute.

You are incredible. Start celebrating it, enough is enough.

. . . . . . .


When J walked in, I could tell she was nervous. To be honest, no matter how many times I go through this, I am always nervous, too. The day began with her eyes shifting and her nerves taking hold of her gaze. But as she walked around my bright studio gaining her bearings, I could tell that she would sail through this shoot with ease and grace.

Every time I work with someone like J I am astounded by their transformation. She walked into the studio shaken by nerves, and left completely confident and so grateful for the experience. I hope if you are reading this you lean in and reach out. I have never heard of one person that has experienced this kind of shoot and didn’t absolutely rave about it.  Take a quick peek at some of my favorite images from our session and hear what J said after our session together below.

You are incredible. Start celebrating it, enough is enough.

LEAN IN ON THIS ONE, my friends. You are not just a tool in this amazing life you’ve constructed, you are the foundation. Every crack, wrinkle, scar, stretch mark and tan line is a road map to a life well lived. You are absolutely stunning, just as you are.




Homer Glen boudoir photographer captures natural image of woman with blonde hair

blonde haired woman with white lace robe simple lay down image of a woman on a bed natural boudoir photography session by Boudoir By Elle image captured by Homer Glen Boudoir Photographer Gorgeous image of blonde woman during boudoir session detail image of a woman in white lingerie

backlit image of blonde woman showing her back blonde haired woman with lace robe boudoir image of woman in white lace lingerie woman laughing during boudoir session woman playing with her hair during boudoir session woman smiling during session with Homer Glen boudoir photographer

woman giggling in white lingerie blonde haired woman during boudoir session in natural light studio natural boudoir photography

Boudoir Q&A

I asked J a few questions after our session together and here is what she had to say about her experience.
How did you get aquatinted with boudoir sessions?  What made you want to do it?  
I just turned 40 in February.  I did the Whole 30 in January and started working out again and feeling good about myself.  I wanted to capture this moment in my life…this healthy moment that I feel strong and confident.  My mom is sick with a genetic disease so there’s a 50/50 chance I will inherit this.  I wanted to capture what being 40 is for me, my husband and my children…
What is your best advice for a client considering a boudoir session?
Absolutely do it!  I can’t wait to tell all my girlfriends about it!
What was the biggest surprise about your boudoir session?  
I guess the ONLY surprise was how comfortable I became towards the end.  Besides that, you covered everything as far as what to expect exactly!
Was there a special moment that took place during the day that you weren’t expecting?  Please explain what happened. 
Yes, I don’t wear lingerie so when I tried on the first outfit, I was like “um why haven’t I been wearing this my whole life?!”  (You can find this gorgeous lace robe here.)
Would you recommend the experience to other women?  And if so, why?  
Absolutely!  More than anything, for a celebration of yourself!
Which moment will stay with you forever?  
Following all the instructions…at once!  Lol, bend your knee, cross it in front, keep your butt against the wall, “arch the hell out of your back”,  arms up, do this, move that, oh and all this up on your tipee toes…lol
. . . . .


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