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May 13, 2019

Simple And Modern Maternity Photos | Homer Glen Studio

Simple and Modern Maternity Photos

Simple and modern maternity photos are one of the ways my two brands collide. And when they do, I am always reminded of how breathtaking a woman’s pregnant body is. More than that, I am reminded of how quickly pregnancy passes by. I photograph toddlers, babies, families, bellies, beautiful women and adoring dads. Of all of the things I photograph, the most powerful presence there is, is always women. Sometimes it’s in the way she calms her baby with a steady squeeze; other times, it’s the way she gazes into a camera 8 months pregnant with more confidence than I’ve ever had. Whichever genre of heroine I am capturing that day, I nearly always walk away inspired.


  simple and modern maternity photos by Boudoir by Elle

Take a Moment to Remember

Pregnancy can be uncomfortable. It can be hard. It can be painful. But with that said, it is stunning. It is life changing. But it’s also something we don’t talk about or even think about often: It’s intimate.

Take a moment to remember that this is the only time your miracle feels every breath you take. And rides out every emotion you are holding within yourself. Every meal, every laugh, every single thing- you are doing together.

Hold these moments close and capture them when you can; because no matter how uncomfortable you are now, you’ll never have this much seclusion with your baby again. 

And YOU, mom. You. Take a moment to recognize how GORGEOUS you are, and how incredible your body is. Thank yourself for the love and legacy you are creating. I promise when you are holding your baby in your arms, you’ll forget so much of this part.  Make sure to capture the moments, make sure to thank yourself, tell your babe a few secrets, write down when you both have the hiccups. This isn’t the hard part, but its often the part we forget the quickest. I’d love to help you conserve it.

And for those of you beautiful Mamas- the ones going through the surrogacy process, or pushing through IVF, for those yearning for those two pink lines, those that have lost, fostered, adopted, I see you. WE see you. You are just as incredible, and your story is just as beautiful.

Hope to hear from you soon.



When Should You Schedule Your Maternity Session?

This question is asked a lot and my recommendation is to reach out to reserve your session during your second trimester. I suggest photographing the actual session when you are 33-36 weeks along.  During this time, your morning sickness has subsided, your moving about comfortably, and your baby belly is showing nicely for photos.  In some cases, I have photographed pregnancy sessions closer to 39-40 weeks along and those sessions were absolutely beautiful as well.  CONTACT me today to start the reservation process! 



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