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January 11, 2021

Quiet Confidence | Boudoir Photography Chicago

Quiet Confidence

Quiet confidence. It took me along time to figure out exactly what it meant. When I think of confidence, I always think of someone that is larger than life. Loud, magnetic, and animated. I think of someone that takes up the room, just by being in it. I love those people. The loud ones, the huggers, the lives of the parties.

But quiet confidence, and when its used to describe someone, means something else entirely. The phrase speaks more about how that person makes you feel, versus what it is that person has said. It is an understated, and gorgeous self-acceptance, that so many people perhaps will never really accomplish. I see this transformation often in my studio. The nervous and shaky woman, transforms into all that she is. Eyes piercing, posture firm, chin up, beauty undeniable. Quiet confidence, is not about the action, but about the FEELING someone gives you.

Quiet confidence, is not about the action, but about the FEELING someone gives you.

Meet A. This session is one I will absolutely never forget. A came in, as nervous as most people are for their boudoir shoot. Kind, and gentle she greeted me and my team. As my make up and hair guru ironed A’s warm hair, and filled her lips with the same color pink they were originally made with, I saw her mood shift. Her eye lashes brushed through, and the red hue of her hair danced with the peach of her skin. It made my white studio walls, and her snowy lingerie bounce like a delicate flurry. Mesmerizing and unique, but inherently so.

A walked in shaky and shy. And by the middle of the session her movements were almost glided. Her eyes looked through my lens and enticed everyone in the room to take a deep breath. She was different than she was a few dozen minutes ago. But not because she wasn’t always this fierce or effortlessly gorgeous, but because she felt comfortable enough to show us what she has already known.

Understated bridal boudoir, is an incredible thing to be a part of. I cannot think of a time when I left my white walled studio after one, and didn’t feel inspired, or joyous or empowered, or in this case, all three.

I hope you enjoy these stunning photos as much as I do.

Quietly yours,


Interested in booking  your boudoir session?

Are you interested in making a session reservation?  Are you nervous?  Anxious?  Excited?  All of those feelings are completely NORMAL and common amongst clients.  There is a wide range of feelings and emotions that take place when booking, preparing for your session, arriving at your session, and then during your photo shoot.  I can assure you, your session experience will be a beautiful one from start to finish.

When I receive your inquiry we will schedule a brief phone consultation to discuss all of the details about your session, learn about your expectations for your session, and get to know each other.  I will tell you about our professional hair and makeup team along with other details! You are welcome to ask questions and I will follow up our phone call with an email including pricing and other details and the online reservation form.  A session date will be selected and at that time my team and I collaborate to style and prepare for your session!

To book your session, simply complete the CONTACT form and I will be in touch within 48 hours.



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