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May 25, 2021

Documenting this unique period of my life | Chicago Pregnancy Boudoir Photographer

Documenting this unique period of my life

‘J’ walked in, quiet and beautifully graceful.  She had a glow about her in more ways than one.  Her skin was fair and she had crystal blue eyes.  I thought to myself, wow, what an opportunity to capture this beautiful pregnancy for her. And then I asked her what I thought was a simple question. One that I ask all of my clients when I meet them.

“What do you want to discover about yourself during this boudoir session?”.  And her response was one that I have not heard thus far on my journey.

She responded “I’m not here to discover but more so to document this unique period of my life.”

I paused for a second searching for a thoughtful response and my mind was reeling with thought bubbles.  I wanted to know more.


I continued with my second question.  “What are you most excited about in doing this session?”  Thinking maybe this will tell me more about this period of her life that she feels is unique.

And she responds, “marking this as a chapter in my life I can move on from, given the pain it has caused me.”

This answer shook me to my core and I suddenly had this feeling of connection with her.  Although all of our stories are different and too complex for a simple blog post, I too, along with millions of women around the world, also have had unique maternal experiences.  Suddenly that preliminary ‘simple question’ I ask my clients before a session wasn’t so simple after all. It is a complex question and unique to each and every one of us.  It also confirmed what I already knew.  That there is a fellowship amongst women – whether pregnant or not.  A comradery between us all that makes us all special and united.  Without further explanation, I understood her and my heart will be connected to this story for a lifetime.

Her words moved me in so many ways.  It shows that with every woman comes a unique and beautiful story and I would love to have the opportunity to work with you.  Your journey is special and should be documented in a way that tells your story.  If you are pregnant, experiencing a loss in some way, getting married or divorced, or simply celebrating YOU – your story is beautiful.

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Chicago Maternity and Pregnancy Boudoir Photographer

It would be an honor to photograph you during this special time in your life.  Maternity boudoir photos are booked when you are 30-36 weeks along (sometimes later, depending on how ‘big’ you’d like your belly to be at that time.  I recommend touching base in the beginning of your second trimester to assure adequate reservation time.  Simply complete the CONTACT form and I will be in touch to start the process.

What to wear to your maternity boudoir session

I recommend thinking outside the box and to choose simple, beautiful, and classic pieces.  This woman above chose a gorgeous black lingerie set and simple robe. The simplicity of the garments added a timeless feel to her session and really allowed us to focus on her portraits rather than what she was wearing.  Some store recommendations are Asos, Fluer Du MalCosa Bella, and Victoria’s Secret.

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